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From My Plate To Yours...

   Our lives were changed forever on October 7, 2007 when our oldest daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  As a mother, it tore a hole through my heart to know that something was broken inside my baby and I couldn’t kiss it better.  The second she was diagnosed and the first few nights in the hospital were the hardest moments of my life.

   How could I be expected to stick a needle in my little girl while she screamed and cried in fear?  And not only once, but several times a day?  Were they insane?  Couldn’t they see what this would do to her?  I had no choice but to put on a brave face for Lily and be the best mother to her that I could be.  For me, that meant showing her that life was not over and that we would grab this beast by the horns and fight it daily.  This was our new life and it was going to be lived to the fullest.

   I was on a mission to find every family in Houston that was living with diabetes.  I became involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and started a support group with an e-mail service to keep everyone connected.  I joined multiple committees that were dedicated to bettering the care for diabetics.  I dedicated my life to making Lily’s future easier for her.

   Through all of my work and research, I became intrigued, even obsessed, with nutrition.  I began focusing my energy into planning seminars based on nutrition in order to help my own family as well as the families I had become connected with thus far.  After studying various families living with diabetes, the one common thread was a need for help in meal-planning.  These families were overwhelmed, tired and at a loss in regard to what to put on their plates for dinner.  I wanted to help.

   I am a very organized and structured person by nature and I cannot function in chaos unless it is managed.  Every Sunday morning, I sit down with my coffee, a calendar, my organizer and a pen.  I plan out my entire week’s worth of dinners and create a grocery list based on this plan.  I make sure I have accurate carbohydrate counts for my meals.  This plan has not only lead my family to healthier eating habits, but it has also saved money on groceries and we have much less waste in our home.  My time at the grocery store has been cut in half since my list is organized based on the sections of the store.

    Most importantly, Lily is eating well-balanced meals with good carbohydrates that don’t cause such severe spikes in sugar levels.

    I have decided to share my structured plans with every family living with Type 1 Diabetes.  The Meal Mommy has been created to help families with Type 1 to simplify their lives.  I am not a dietician, but I am a well-educated mother living with Type 1 daily.

    I invite you to grab a plate and enjoy meals that are planned with thought and care.  All meals have been taste-tested by the two pickiest eaters on the planet—my girls!  Kids don’t lie, at least not in my house!

I hope I can help you care for your family like I care for mine.




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