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Welcome to Meal Mommy!

  The Meal Mommy is a healthy meal-planning tool created to help families living with Type 1 Diabetes, but it's also a great resource for anyone looking to eat healthier and live happier! The website provides healthy and easy recipes with all of the necessary nutritional information to count carbs! Along with the recipes, there are special Blogs written by Experts, Special Guests, & The Meal Mommy, and many other helpful resources from within the Type 1 Diabetes Community!!!

    Millions of families are living with Type 1 Diabetes and many more are diagnosed each day. The Meal Mommy is here to help you Simplify Your Type 1 Life! ...

   I am the proud mommy of two beautiful little girls, Lily (7) and Abby (5).  At the age of 3, Lily was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

   As the parent of a newly diagnosed child, I discovered that it was extremely difficult to figure out what kind of meals to give Lily that would not only keep her numbers in range, but would taste good to her.  A friend, who is a former nutritionist, gave me some great advice:  “always make sure there is one thing on the table that you know she will eat and the rest will fall into place.”  After about six months of putting “green stuff” on my children’s plates and them ignoring it, they started tasting everything I put in front of them.  They were even willing to try brussel sprouts after a while. 

   I have decided to share the results of my hard work researching, testing and creating new recipes that make sense for families living with Type 1 Diabetes.

   Not only will your family be eating healthy meals with good carbohydrates, but you will also be saving money on groceries while having less wasted food.  Your life is complicated enough living with Type 1 Diabetes.  Let me help you simplify what goes on your plate and how you get it there!

   I believe that good control comes from a combination of proper insulin management based on doctor’s orders, eating well-balanced meals with the right types of carbohydrates and accurate carbohydrate counting.  I am not a dietician or a doctor, but I am living with Type 1 Diabetes every day so my experiences are what I share.

Lastly, all recipes from Meal Mommy have been kid-tested and approved.




-       Kimberly, The Meal Mommy




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